First aid

Just a short post for now on the ubject of first aid. I am First Aid trained and, even so, I’d rather not have to do it! It is that slight anxiety of ‘cocking it up’

So, working as a Personal Care Assistant you may come across an incident that requires first aid, what do you do? Genuine question.

Obviously if it is serious you call 999 and stay with the person, hopefully you’d stem any bleeding the best way you could if they were. Or immobilise an arm or leg if you suspected a break or major sprain. What would you do if they went into shock or became unconscious and stopped breathing?

That’s just the serious stuff!!

The simpler stuff may include, cuts, bumps and bruises, headaches, dizziness, small burns and splinters.

What stuff do you have around to help? A first aid box? Box of plasters?

What is you liability?

I don’t have the answers as it is the first time I’ve really given thought to it, but I will try and find out.

I would if I were a PA get myself a first aid box and at least get some information on simple first aid. I may even go so far as to get myself some first aid training.

So have a look and see what help and support is available in your area.

And always risk assess where you are to ensure that the risk of injury is reduced at all times.





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