Just a PA


I genuinely dislike it when a person says “I am just a….!” I feel it diminishes who they are and what they do, it eats away at their skills, knowledge and abilities.

Don’t get me wrong I am not knocking the person themselves, being ‘just a’ is a very acceptable thing to say. People may not like it if we celebrate our skills, knowledge and abilities and laud them loudly.

The role of a PA is not ‘just a’ to the person who is being provided with the support and care they need to have the best quality of life they can have, and they should expect the best quality of life too.

UKpas enables PA’s to be able to build their own profile to grow an online presence that says “Hey, I am good at my role”. “I can evidence my skills, knowledge and ability”. “I can provide great care”.

UKpas also offers opportunities to keep in contact with other PAs and to meet prospective clients.

So why not register today/

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